Cost saving fuel displacement solutions for mines and intensive energy users

Solar energy is cheaper than diesel. By integrating solar energy into new or existing diesel generation grids, over a third of the fuel consumption can be displaced. Payback periods of 4 to 5 years have been realized for off-grid systems, but there are also many advantages for on-grid intensive energy users to consider solar energy generation for uninterrupted power supply. Both the technical and financial solutions are available to go solar with zero upfront capital investment and at minimum risk.

The conference Solar/Diesel Africa is the perfect platform to:

  • Meet with (other) intensive energy users
  • Learn about the business case of solar/diesel hybrid systems for intensive energy users
  • Meet with the leading project developers, financial institutions and solution providers that can realize these projects
  • Learn about the different options of PPA’s, leasing and full ownership
  • Exchanges ideas and experience with your peers

All with a minimum time investment!

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