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Solar/Diesel is the unique development platform and deal making event that connects intensive African energy users with hybrid solar project developers, financiers and solution providers to realise cost saving and secure energy supply.


Because over the course of three days you can learn:

-> How to save on your Diesel cost

Solar energy is cheaper than diesel. By integrating solar energy into new or existing diesel generation grids, over a third of the fuel consumption can be displaced. Payback periods of 4-5 years have been realized for off-grid systems.

-> How to secure power supply

On-grid intensive energy users can rely on hybrid solar with storage to secure uninterrupted power supply. Both technical and financial solutions to go solar with zero upfront capital and at minimum risk are available. Explore this exciting business opportunity.

 -> How to meet the people that help you achieve this

Contact Alexandra for general questions concerning the event. 


Alexandra Mebane


Contact Hugo for questions about sponsorships.


Hugo Uijlenbroek

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